Hello World!

Yes! This is my first post! I suppose a bit late entrant into the blogging world! But these days there are so many unused blogs that are just sitting there and holding up some really cool blog names, that it becomes really hard to find one that hasn’t been taken up.

As the name suggests, here you are gonna be seeing ‘quirky’ ramblings about stuff happening around me or directly/indirectly affecting my life. For a few pointers, I intend to write more about tech than probably any other topic, since I guess I am a tech-follower. That is partly why I chose this particular title for my first post. Other than actually being my first post, it signifies a first step into a new tech world. Whenever a programmer starts a steep learning curve of any new tech, the first program he/she generally writes is the ‘hello world’ app. Its a simple app that one writes which you could probably relate to the phrase drawing first blood .

I guess nothing more to add on this first post.

Happy blogging and happy reading!




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